Farms and Wineries

Farms and Wineries

We love our local and regional farms! We wouldn't be able to provide such amazing food without them.  We feel strongly about sourcing high quality, fresh, organic produce, meat, eggs and dairy.  This allows us to keep money in our local economy, reduce our impact on the planet and serve our customers extraordinary food. 


AM Ranch is family owned and operated in Penn Valley California. Providing Pastured Pork, Grass Fed/Finished Lamb and Beef, and Naturally Grown Produce. Products at 3F: beef, lamb, pork

Back To Basics is a small family farm specializing in poultry products:  free range chicken, eggs, pullets, and laying hens.  All of their chickens are raised on pasture and supplemented with all natural feed, no hormones or medications. Products at 3F: eggs, chicken, turkey, rabbit

Elster Ranch, located in Grass Valley, California, was started in 1895 as a dairy and cattle ranch, and operated by four successive generations of the Elster family. It expanded under the 1862 Homestead Act. The Nolte family succeeded the Elsters in 2006 and continue their heritage of a working landscape; bringing nutritious food to the region, and acting as stewards for the natural communities on its 320 acres. At Elster Ranch they work with a breed of cattle developed in Australia from full blood Angus stock which are very efficient at converting the energy from our rich grasses and adapted to a similar brittle climate. Lowline cattle, most importantly, have excellent taste, texture, and tenderness.  Products at 3F: beef, lamb

Family Friendly Farms sustains a small family farm in Grass Valley, CA. Every animal they raise is not grown out of necessity, but nurtured out of love (with consideration for the environment).  They maintain a small operation to keep a high degree of control over every phase of growth of each animal.  Products at 3F: pork, beef, lamb

First Rain Farm is the still-evolving accomplishment of a passion to grow food well, to make a living while doing it, and to become an integral part of an inter-connected, highly supportive community here in Nevada County.  First Rain Farm is an attempt to embody this place on the earth through a system of farming that co-exists with the soil, water, plants, animals, and people that live here. Products at 3F: veggies

Fogdog Farm Kristen Draz and Wil Holland are two young farmers stewarding a 1.5 acre microfarm nestled on the San Juan Ridge just north of Nevada City. They spent several years learning and working under some of Northern California’s most experienced and skilled organic growers before joining forces to return to the foothills and start FogDog Farm on leased land. They farm on a hand-powered scale to produce over 60 kinds of vegetables and fruit and use minimal tillage, crop rotation, cover crops and natural amendments to keep their soil alive and healthy.

Golden West Apiaries Randy Oliver and his sons Eric and Ian run Golden West Apiaries, with locations throughout Nevada County. They produce local honey and pollen to meet the demands of our most discriminating customers–unheated, unprocessed, and free of synthetic miticides.  Randy is a recognized leader on using the most sustainable methods to ensure bee health, and moved away from the use of synthetic miticides ten years ago. Randy has taught beekeeping classes for 30 years, and is a popular speaker worldwide, providing useful information to both hobbyists and commercial operations. Products at 3F: honey

Grass Valley Grains is a one-man farming and milling operation with occasional help from friends, volunteers, and some paid help. Reed Hamilton grows grain crops using organic methods and materials and mills some into flour or meal in his own stone mill. Currently everything is grown on a fifth-generation farm in Wheatland, California where there is abundant flat land. The flour mill is in Grass Valley. Products at 3F: cornmeal, polenta, soft white flour, oats

Greg's Organics specializes in open pollinated heirlooms with Tomatoes as their specialty.  "It all started in my yard in 2009 with the passion for growing the best organic tomatoes which turned into a business."  Now the urban farm has expanded to 7 acres very close to downtown Grass Valley.  Products at 3F: tomatoes

Johansen Ranch is family owned and operated by Mila, Olivia, and Rich Johansen. Satsuma and clementine mandarins, navel and blood oranges, Meyer lemons, olive oil, persimmons, pomegranates, figs, and pluots are grown in Orland. Winter squash, roasted hot peppers, and culinary and medicinal herbs are grown in Penn Valley.  Celebrating 100+ years as a family farm.  CCOF Certified Organic. Products at 3F: squash, citrus

Little Boy Flowers is a small floral design company and flower farm offering sustainably grown blossoms for flower lovers and brides throughout Nevada County and beyond. Their farming practices include crop rotations, fertility management through the use of cover crops and compost applications, and does not include the use of any chemicals. Products at 3F: flowers

Llano Seco Operating since 1861, Rancho Llano Seco is an original and intact Mexican land grant parcel on the banks of the Sacramento River that has been in Charlie Thieriot’s family for six generations. Our purpose is to preserve the richness of 17,000 acres of wild California, while maintaining gentle land stewardship and a holistic approach to ranching. Llano Seco responsibly raises pigs and cattle and produces heirloom beans and ancient grains. Products at 3F: pork

Mountain Bounty Farm is a 15-acre family farm located high on the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge near Nevada City, California. They grow an incredible diversity of vegetables, fruits and cut flowers for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Their farm is run by John Tecklin and Angie Tomey, who share a love for the land and a passion for eating good food. Products at 3F: veggies & fruit

Nevada County Free Range Beef raises cattle that are grass fed and grass finished. They range freely over hundreds of acres of lush green pasture, enjoying fresh air, warm sunshine, and clear water. They don’t give them hormones or antibiotics, their pasture grass is pesticide free, and their cows are never confined to a feedlot.  The result is animals that live happy lives, and beef with extraordinary texture and taste.  Products at 3F: beef

Riverhill Farm produces a diverse mix of organic vegetables and fruits on ten acres, including many heirloom and specialty varieties.  Riverhill Farm is a community-based farm.  They sell most of their produce within ten miles of the farm.  They are endeavoring to build and maintain a farm that will serve this community for generations to come. Products at 3F: veggies & fruit (lots of them!)

Super Tuber Farm aims to produce the tastiest, high quality organic food in a manner that enriches the soil in which it is grown, the hands of those who grow it, and the bellies of those who eat it. Products at 3F: potatoes, cabbage, carrots, salad mix

Soil Sisters Farm is a diversified farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, a stone’s throw from the South Fork of the Yuba River. They are a women-owned business, founded in 2010 with a commitment to valuing healthy relationships – to oneself, one another, and the land – as a way to bring health and beauty into our community. They raise vegetables, flowers, laying chickens, bees, and the occasional flock of lambs on a one and half acre parcel of leased land just outside of Nevada City. Products at 3F: salad mix, garlic, edible flowers

Sunrock Farm is a beautiful south facing farm just up the hill from Three Forks, managed by farmer Jeff Wells.  Products at 3F: produce, citrus

Sweet Roots Farm prides themselves on growing great soil and the quality, flavorful produce that follows.  Through the use of integrated organic systems and the farm’s many microclimates, they produce food, flowers and nursery starts that are healthy and vibrant.  They have a diversity of crops and markets that will build a healthy farm and business.  Farming brings them close to the land, which they will preserve and improve for the future. Products at 3F: veggies, edible flowers

Towani Farm is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, near the city of Oroville. They produce a variety of crops throughout the year and market direct to the public at farmers markets, to small stores and restaurants. They've been growing heirloom vegetables and specialty crops since 1988. They also produce extra-virgin olive oil from our 80 year old trees - varietals include Sevillano, Manazanillo and Mission. Products at 3F: ginger, turmeric, veggies, herbs

The Woolman School is a nonprofit educational community originally founded in 1963 as a Quaker high school. Woolman now offers a high school semester program, summer camp programs for youth and families, and community activities. John Woolman, an 18th century Quaker human rights activist who aspired to live his life in complete integrity with his principles, inspired the name for the school.  Located on 230 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills within walking distance of the Yuba river, the Woolman campus is an experiment in sustainable community living.


Avanguardia is a small winery located in between Grass Valley and Nevada City on Jones Bar Road with a tasting room in Grass Valley. They are the home of non-traditional blended wines, with 100% of their wines being proprietary blends crafted from 2-6 different grape varieties, many of which are Italian, and all of which are pretty much out of the mainstream.

Chacewater Winery is a small family-owned and operated winery, vineyard and olive oil company. They are located in Kelseyville, a town tucked away in Lake County, California, but grow much of their grapes organically in Nevada City.

Gray Pine Winery Named for the native California Gray Pine which is prevalent in our area, Gray Pine Winery is a small, limited-production winery located in Penn Valley, in the Sierra Foothills, with an annual production of approximately 350 cases.  They grow their own grapes on their two-acre vineyard and make their own wines.  Specializing in Bordeaux red varietals, Gray Pine Vineyard & Winery produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot.   They also offer a limited quantity of Sauvignon Blanc.  They believe that fine wine is best enjoyed with fine meals and their winemaking focus is on food-friendly wines with balanced acid and tannins, in the classic Bordeaux style. 

Jeriko Estate Winery  Jeriko Estate is located 30 minutes north of the small town of Healdsburg in the "Upper Russian River Territory" in Southern Mendocino County. Key to Jeriko’s philosophy is the use of Biodynamic farming practices. Cover crops promote diversity and encourage a healthy soil balance without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. We have found that wines grown with Biodynamic or Organic methods exhibit good structural balance and require less manipulation during the vinification process; as well as being good for animal life and the environment. It’s common to see chickens, goats, and sheep roaming Jeriko’s vineyards and hillsides.

La Clarine Farm makes wines as naturally as possible, adding no yeast, sulfur dioxide, oak chips, enzymes or concentrates in the cellar, and no chemicals, fertilizers or tillage in their vineyard.  They allow fermentations to occur spontaneously, and allow them to complete in their own time (this can take up to 6 months!).  Every vintage has its own rhythms.

Nevada City Winery was founded in 1980 and is located right in downtown Nevada City. The Winery was begun by Allan Haley, a Nevada County native with a European wine education and a dream of bringing winemaking back to our region. In 1880 there were over 300 acres of grapes in the County. In 1980 when the Winery opened there was one small vineyard, recently planted. Twenty years later there are again well over 300 acres of grapes and the wine industry is flourishing once more.

Scott Harvey Winery Scott Harvey Wines, the initial line of wines in the “Creative Wine Concepts” portfolio, was created out of market demand for Scott’s wines – “niche wines that over deliver.” The Scott Harvey line focuses on Scott’s roots – Zinfandel, Syrah and Barbera from the Sierras. Approachable, food friendly and full of luscious fruit, these wines have struck a cord in the marketplace.

Smith Vineyard is within the Sierra Foothills appellation, near Grass Valley. At 2,500 ft. elevation, their wine grapes get their fruity ripeness from long sunny days and their balanced complexity from cool Sierra nights.  Small lots of each varietal come in from our 10 acre vineyard. At this size, they have the luxury of focusing our full attention on each vine and each barrel, making fine wines that will go beautifully with good food and good friends. Smith Vineyard produces hand crafted, small-lot estate wines from organic grapes.  Dr. Wayne Smith fulfilled his desire to farm when he planted the first vineyard block in 1980, Wayne’s dedication to organic farming soon followed.  The winery began operation in 1987. The winery is housed in a restored barn that dates back to the early 1900’s, it is surrounded by a rich canopy of pines and heritage oaks.  Today…  Wayne’s grandsons, the third generation, work alongside their parents, Gary and Chris, in the operation of the Vineyard and Winery.

Szabo Winery is a small family owned vineyard & winery located just a few miles outside of Nevada City. They pride themselves on their traditional approach to wine making, great quality and stewardship of their land.

Turkovich Family Winery Surrounded by rich agricultural land and soaked in the warm California sun, Turkovich Family Wines produces quality small-lot wines from the best vineyards in Western Yolo County. Winemaker and third-generation farmer Christopher Turkovich returned to his hometown after traveling the world making wine. He jumped at the chance to return to his hometown and to make wine in Yolo Countyan area still slightly undiscovered but with the potential of producing world-class wines.  In 2007, he started the winery and planted the estate vineyard, which is located in Winters less than five miles from Napa County and a hidden gem for growing quality wine grapes.  Expanses of golden rolling hills are dotted with patches of greenoak trees and vineyardsand are tucked in against the Vaca Mountains. The great gravelly-clay-loam soils, along with warm days and temperate nights, assist the vines to produce excellent grapes. The Winters area features a unique convergence: where the delta breezes cease, they are met by cool winds sweeping down off Lake Berryessa, allowing for a long, mild growing season.  The vineyards’ ideal conditions make for rich fruit exhibiting bright, flavorful characteristics in the wines.  Total production is currently 1800 cases.